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Geology Professional Resume and Job-Seeking Strategies

As a geology professional, you know how to gather samples and prepare maps for various exploration programs while using data to lead project development and estimation activities.

You also have an in-depth understanding of natural materials and their structure. You use this knowledge to develop structural models that support large-scale projects.

Your resume should show your ability to do all of this, but it can be hard to fit everything into a single page. That’s where our professional geology resume writing service comes in!

We can help you pack those key skills into a concise geology resume that will get you noticed by the right employers. Our team of geology resume writers knows what makes a great geologist stand out from the crowd; we’ll make sure yours does too.

Keywords for Resume (not all inclusive):

Geology, Geological Mapping, Earth Science, Groundwater, Petroleum Geology, Structural Geology, Sampling, Geophysics, Remediation Assessments, Innovation, Collaboration, Geotechnical Engineering, Project Management, OSHA

Sample Technical Skills:

MS Office, ArcGIS

We Can Help

Our professional resume writing and Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing packages designed to help all levels of professionals like you get noticed by the Applicant Tracking Software systems and search engines used by up to 99% of companies to help your resume get sorted into the call queue and get the interview with the hiring manager.

Our service includes resume writing packages, Curriculum Vitae (CV), customized cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile Optimizations strategized to get attention. We help in maximizing the opportunities to get noticed by the Applicant Tracking Software systems and search engines used by up to 99% of companies. We are confident in our services and offer a guarantee that if you do not receive an interview in 60 days we will rewrite this. 

We also have experts to coach you to prepare for your upcoming interviews, refresh your interview skills, and define the next steps in your career path.

Our Geology Clients include:

Geologist, Staff Geologist/Engineer, Junior Project Geologist, GIS Geologist, Mechanical Drilling Engineer, Associate Geologist, and other geologist professionals. 

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