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Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our services we offer a guarantee.

If you do not receive an interview request within 60 days of receiving your final customized resume from us, we will rewrite your resume at no additional charge. This offer applies to select resume packages purchased on our website. We take resume writing and your success seriously, however, while creating a winning resume is an important first step, there are other critical steps that must be taken personally by you to facilitate attracting and receiving interviews from potential employers.

These steps include:

  1. Because one resume does not fit every job, even if they are somewhat similar, you must provide a sample job description or posting for a job you are interested in and select a specific title so that your resume will be crafted specifically for those types of positions and title.
  2. Sending your resume to a minimum of 15 advertised positions that match your previously stated job target listed on your Information Questionnaire.
  3. You must demonstrate that you meet all the advertised qualification of the jobs you applied to.
  4. You must notify us in writing within 65 days of receiving the final copy of your resume.
  5. Please include at least 5 examples of jobs that you had applied to, including the job posting, what date you applied and how you applied to the job. This will assist us in our analysis.
  6. If you modified the resume after the final was sent, please send this to us. Please send us any quantifiable feedback you may have received about your resume, including who provided such feedback (no names needed, just their qualification or expertise).
  7. This guarantee is limited to one resume rewrite on select resume packages purchased via our website and excludes cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, or any other products that we offer.
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