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Federal Resume

Are you interested in applying for a job or position within the federal government? Do you have the specific job announcement? We can help with crafting your new federal resume, even if you don’t have the specific announcement.

We partner with you during our intake process to ensure we capture your relevant experience, talents and skills, allowing us to create an ideal federal resume for you.

Our staff of professional resume writers provide customized, executive resumes for federal jobs from GS-05 to SES levels. Our staff is driven by success, which means we meticulously rewrite your federal resume to maximize your potential.

The federal government is known for its strict guidelines and hiring process. If you are attempting to transition into the federal government or are already employed with the federal government and seeking promotion opportunities, precision is critical when it comes to the layout and format of your resume.

A federal government resume is different from private industry resumes in that they are traditionally longer and contain specific information needed by government personnel offices. 

When you work with our resume writers, you collaborate with your skilled writer in crafting a document that adheres to the various submission guidelines required by federal government hiring authorities. As you know, the federal government usually follows stringent guidelines for submitting applications for employment/promotions and their hiring process is like no other. As such, your marketing document must be powerful, concise, and stand out against that of your competition.

We are fast too! Our turnaround is usually within 3 business days (excluding holidays) for the first draft once we have the necessary information.  Let us craft an effective federal resume for you to jump start your job search.

Federal resumes start at $550.00.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) Services

If the specific job announcement requires narratives for KSAs, we have experience in this too. This can assist in increasing the relevancy of the application. We will begin working on the narratives once your new federal resume has been approved to be finalized by you. If your current resume is fine, and you just need assistance with the KSAs, we can do this too! The turnaround time for this project is also 3 business days (excluding holidays).

Our prices start at $75.00 per question.

Federal Editing Services

If you need the current federal resume that we have completed edited for a different position or updated with your new position(s) information, we can help!

Our federal editing services start at $75.00 per hour.


Contact us today at [email protected] to get started.

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