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Comprehensive, Affordable Outplacement Services


Our outplacement services offer a wide range of options to assist employees in their career transitions.  Unlike other outplacement firms, we tailor a solution that is optimized for both you and your employees.

We are different from other outplacement companies.  ClearPointHCO’s team of proven experts can help with transitioning employees. We offer one-on-one support with customized plans that meet your unique situation and needs. Your needs are unique, and the outplacement services for your situation will reflect that. This can include:

Our plans our cost effective and have the care and dedication needed for the career transition plans for your affected employees from entry level to executive level.

We have experience working with employers from small to large enterprises.  We also have experience providing white-label support to companies that need support with the outplacement services. No project is too big or small.

Some of the benefits of offering career outplacement services to employers:

  • Protecting the employer brand and image.
  • Reducing unemployment costs.
  • Increases the loyalty of remaining employees.
  • Decrease in potential lawsuits.
  • Assisting the displaced employee with finding their new position quicker.

Contact us today if your business can benefit from the services of a proven and experienced career outplacement firm.

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