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Consulting Professional Resume and Job-Seeking Strategies

As a consultant you provide subject matter expertise in your field to companies and individuals. These can be short or long term projects for resolving a wide range of issues. You collaborate with management and staff to address the needs when working with companies. Based on your expertise, you provide sound recommendations to improve their business performance. 

You may be working with a Big Four firm or have a well-established network of completed projects. 

As a skill set you are adaptable, enjoy problem-solving, and an expert in change management. 

Keywords for Resume (not all inclusive):

Proactive, Problem-Solving, Entrepreneurial, Leadership, Quantitative Skills, Personal Impact, Analytical, Driven, Presentation Skills, Project Management, Collaboration, Recommendations, Work in High Pressure, Deal with Conflict

Sample Technical Skills:

MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), Slack, Asana, Trello, Financial Software, G-Suite, CRM, ERP

We Can Help

Our professional resume writing and Curriculum Vitae (CV) writing packages designed to help all levels of professionals like you get noticed by the Applicant Tracking Software systems and search engines used by up to 99% of companies to help your resume get sorted into the call queue and get the interview with the hiring manager.

Our service includes resume writing packages, Curriculum Vitae (CV), customized cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile Optimizations strategized to get attention. We help in maximizing the opportunities to get noticed by the Applicant Tracking Software systems and search engines used by up to 99% of companies. We are confident in our services and offer a guarantee that if you do not receive an interview in 60 days we will rewrite this. 

We also have experts to coach you to prepare for your upcoming interviews, refresh your interview skills, and define the next steps in your career path.

Our Consulting Clients include:

Management Consultant, Business Consultant, IT Consultant, Technology Consultant, Healthcare Consultant, Education Consultant, Marketing Consultant, Social Media Consultant, Practice Management Consultant, Safety Consultant, or other consulting professionals. 

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