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What is the difference between an executive resume versus a regular resume?

Executive resumes are designed specifically for the needs of senior-level executives, directors, and managers. Executive resumes are used to highlight an individual’s career accomplishments in a very short amount of time. It is more detailed than a professional resume since it details the successes at an executive level. The goal is to provide potential employers with an understanding of what you’ve done, what makes you special, and why they should hire you.

Designed for the Director level and above.

Executive resumes are designed for senior management and business executive positions. These positions include Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Business Directors/Owners, and other C-Suite positions.

An executive resume should reflect your experience at the highest level in a company–the type of role that requires you to be able to make decisions on behalf of your entire staff and manage large budgets or projects.

An executive resume is more focused on results and accomplishments.

An executive resume is more focused on results and accomplishments. It should be shorter than a standard resume, with a focus on your most relevant experience. The skills section should only include skills that are directly related to the position you’re seeking, so if you have extensive experience in marketing but aren’t applying for any marketing positions, it’s okay to leave that skill off your executive resume.

An executive resume should feature a list of accomplishments that are forced ranked in order of importance (i.e., most important first). You should also include quantifiable results from each achievement so potential employers can see just how successful you’ve been at previous jobs or projects: increased sales by x%, saved company $y million dollars over two years etc…

Executive resumes are no longer than 2 pages.

An executive resume should focus on the most relevant accomplishments and skills, so it’s important to be concise. When you’re writing an executive resume, you want to make sure that it’s easy for hiring managers and recruiters to scan through quickly so they can fully understand what makes your background unique.

Needs a higher level of skill sets.

As an executive, you will need to demonstrate your skills sets in a way that shows your career story and how it ties back to the company’s mission. You want the hiring manager or recruiter to see that you can effectively manage people, projects and budgets.

Your resume should include examples of accomplishments from previous employment positions; this will help show what type of leader you are by highlighting what results were achieved through your leadership style.

If you are looking to apply for an executive level position, it is important that you have an executive resume. This will help get your name on the short list of candidates so that when they start interviewing people they can quickly see if they have what it takes or not.

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