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The Resume Star Method

The star method is a great way to list your accomplishments on a resume. It lets you put your strongest points first, so the hiring manager sees them right away. And it’s easy to remember! Follow these steps:

Situational or task

Situation: You are working at a company that is going through some challenges. Your manager has asked you to help with the reorganization of your department. He has given you an assignment to review five employees and make recommendations for how they should be reassigned within the company.

Task: First, develop a plan for what steps will go into completing this task. Second, work through each step of your plan and outline it on paper in logical order. Third, evaluate whether or not all necessary details have been included in your plan so far (this evaluation may require additional information gathering). Finally, ask yourself if there are any potential obstacles that could prevent successful completion of this task (e.g., missing resources or time constraints).

Result/Achievement: After completing these steps


The action section is where you list your accomplishments. A good way to make sure that you’ve listed the right accomplishment is to ask yourself “What did I do?” Then ask “How did it help the company?” Finally, ask “What was the result of my work?” If you can’t answer those questions, then maybe that accomplishment isn’t worth including in your resume.

Here’s an example:

  • Improved customer satisfaction by 20% through improved call center operations.


The result section (the final section) is where you can highlight the impact of your work. For example, “Increased sales by 25% in Q4” or “Decreased the number of customer service complaints by 50%.”

These results are not set in stone—feel free to experiment with them. Look at other resumes from employees who have similar positions and experiences as yourself, and see how they’ve presented their results. You may discover that some candidates use numbers for their impact statements instead of quantifying it with a percentage or dollar amount. You might also notice that others don’t include any impact statements at all! If this is the case for you, then you might want to reconsider including one in your own resume.


The STAR method is a way to organize your accomplishments on a resume.

  • Situation or Task: Describe the situation and the task you were asked to complete. Use action verbs – “Created”, “Managed”, “Acted as” etc.
  • Action: Describe what you did in order to achieve this result (e g., led a team, redesigned processes).
  • Result: Provide quantifiable results that support your accomplishment (e g., increased sales by 30%, improved quality of products etc.)

The star method is a great way to showcase your achievements on a resume. It’s easy to remember and will help you organize your thoughts before writing. When listing accomplishments, it’s important to focus on what you did rather than how or why; this will make it easier for hiring managers to see how well suited you are for the job opening. The key is not just listing what happened but also showing that it was done with excellence.

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