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Shopper Job Description

This is an example of a Shopper job description for a reference when building your resume. Analyze the qualifications and requirements listed to get an understanding of what you need to include on your resume for what employers would look for in this field.


A Shopper, also known as a Personal Shopper or Grocery Shopper, is a service-oriented position responsible for helping customers purchase goods and groceries from various retail stores. Shoppers work on behalf of customers who may not have the time, mobility, or inclination to shop for themselves. They play a critical role in selecting and delivering products that meet the customers’ preferences and needs. Shoppers may work independently or as part of a grocery delivery service or concierge service.

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  • Customer Orders:
    • Receive customer orders, either online or through communication channels, and understand their shopping preferences.
  • Product Selection:
    • Navigate the store efficiently to select high-quality products that match the customer’s specific requests and preferences.
  • Attention to Detail:
    • Pay meticulous attention to details, such as brand names, expiration dates, and specific product variants.
  • Substitutions:
    • If a requested item is unavailable, communicate with the customer to suggest suitable substitutions or obtain approval for alternatives.
  • Budget Management:
    • Help customers adhere to their budget preferences while selecting products.
  • Time Management:
    • Plan and manage shopping routes and schedules to ensure timely deliveries to customers.
  • Delivery:
    • Pack and deliver the purchased items to the customer’s designated location accurately and efficiently.
  • Customer Service:
    • Provide friendly and courteous service to customers, addressing any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Stock Replenishment:
    • Keep track of popular and high-demand items and replenish stock as needed.
  • Health and Safety:
    • Ensure that all products are handled and delivered in compliance with health and safety regulations.


  • Time Management:
    • Excellent time management skills to handle multiple shopping orders and deliveries efficiently.
  • Communication Skills:
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to understand customer preferences and provide updates during the shopping process.
  • Customer Service:
    • A customer-centric approach with a focus on providing a positive shopping experience for customers.
  • Attention to Detail:
    • Meticulous attention to detail to select products accurately and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Physical Stamina:
    • Physical fitness to stand, walk, and carry grocery bags during the shopping and delivery process.
  • Problem-Solving:
    • Ability to think on your feet and find suitable alternatives if a requested product is unavailable.
  • Driving Skills (if applicable):
    • Valid driver’s license and good driving record, if the Shopper is responsible for delivering orders.
  • Smartphone Skills:
    • Proficiency in using a smartphone and apps for communication, order tracking, and navigation.

Shoppers play a valuable role in assisting customers with their shopping needs and ensuring that they receive the products they desire in a convenient and timely manner. Their attention to detail, customer service skills, and efficient shopping and delivery process contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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