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We are thrilled to offer you a comprehensive range of services tailored to help you achieve your career aspirations. Whether you are a job seeker looking for expert resume writing, interview coaching, or career consulting, or an employer seeking top talent through our recruitment services, ClearPointHCO is here to guide you towards success. Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in HR and recruitment, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results.

Boost your career opportunities with any of these services. Take advantage of the many tools we offer to improve your career outlook.  We can assist in identifying your top needs, developing an action plan, and facilitating changes you can make to enhance your success.

Our friendly, professional staff are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t wait to take the next step! Purchase today and let us help you unlock your full potential.  Imagine the possibilities!

Resume Writing

We know what recruiters and hiring managers look for, and can make your resume more compelling and memorable.

Resume Writing Packages

Perfect for adding additional services, increasing value, while assisting in accomplishing your goals.

Federal Resumes

Applying for a job or position within the federal government? We can help with crafting your new federal resume.

Cover Letters

Having a clear and articulate cover letter can propel you into the candidate pool and prevent you from being screened out.

CV Writing Packages

Professionally written CV’s that are keyword optimized to enhance selection possibilities by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn should be major tool in your arsenal, and we encourage you to present a professionally written profile.

LinkedIn Strategy Session

Get personal 1:1 coaching and training on how to leverage your LinkedIn Profile and use that platform to propel your career.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for interviews more effectively and highlight your competencies to show how you will add value to the business.

Career Coaching

Learn how to successfully negotiate a salary increase or promotion, engage in performance reviews, or prepare for your next career move.

Our Team

Our team comprises of certified career coaches, recruiters, and experienced hiring professionals who possess expertise in over 65 industries.

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