LinkedIn Profile Strategy Session


LinkedIn Profile Strategy Sessions ($150.00) 

Interested in a personal 1:1 coaching and training session on the phone to review your LinkedIn Profile and understand how to use this platform to boost your career?

The following items can be addressed during the session:

  • Is your existing profile effective?
  • How do you build your network?
  • How do you ask for recommendations?
  • How important is LinkedIn for the job search?
  • How can LinkedIn help with my career if I am not currently looking for work?
  • How do you apply for jobs on LinkedIn?
  • What is the difference between Premium accounts and the free platform? Do you really need to spend the extra money?
  • Want to brainstorm some strategies?
  • And any other questions that you have for optimizing LinkedIn.

Prior to the session, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to help us understand what you would like to accomplish with your LinkedIn Profile.

*The pricing for these consultations is for one person using LinkedIn and not for training to be provided for the use of others.