Career Coaching GPS


We are here to help you! We understand that work can be extremely stressful. Contact us about our Career Coaching GPS services and let us guide you through challenges.  

Examples of different items to discuss include:

• Negotiating a salary increase, new job/position, or another sort of agreement with your employer
• Preparing for your next step in your career
• Goal-setting
• Performance reviews (either receiving or giving)
• Working at a new company, with a new leader/manager, or new direct reports

We offer the following programs to help you:

*  30 Minutes: $80.00 (currently discounted to $60.00)

*  1 Full Hour at $150.00 (currently discounted to $99.00)

*  5 Full Hour Sessions at $600.00 (currently discounted to $500.00)

Contact us today at info@clearpointhco.com to arrange for your first appointment.