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Resume Quiz

There is so much information out there about what to do and myths about resumes. We put together a quick list of the frequent items asked about regarding a resume document. 

Graphics, charts, logos – nice to have on the resume? 

While we understand these can look nice on a resume, it can be to your disadvantage. These are distracting to the reader and make the resume hard to enter into an applicant tracking system. Keep the resume clean, concise, and professional. 

Should the resume have an objective or summary section? 

Objectives used to be used all the time on a resume. These are now replaced with a summary section for what you can bring to the organization. The summary section should show your job focus and what makes you different then the other applicants. You can add your technical skills to this section. Another item that can be added is if you are fluent in any other languages. 

One page resume regardless of experience? 

One page resumes are good for individuals that are just starting out. Experienced professionals may also use a one-page resume if they so desire so long as all their information fits within the page and convey enough full information and “white space” to allow the reader to grasp a holistic view of the portrayed career and experiences. Please note that experienced hiring managers and recruiters will not discount the resume if it is two pages instead of one page. Typically, professionals with over 5 years’ experience can use two-page resumes. Avoid a three-page resume if at all possible.

Should I have my interests included on the resume? 

We recommend that the resume does not include your personal interests. Depending upon the bias of the reader, this can screen you out of the running. Now if the company has a particular interest in a social item that relates to your personal interest, make sure to convey this on your cover letter. 

Should I include my references on the resume? 

Omit the references on the resume or even the comment, “References available upon request.” Employers know they can ask you for the references. Adding references takes up valuable space on the resume and your contacts may then be called without your knowledge. When a potential employer asks you for the references you can provide your references a heads up on who will be calling, why they would be calling, and anything else that may be relevant to the call. 

How do I create a resume that is up to the latest trends? 

We can help you with this. We can either update or completely overhaul the document (Resume Writing Package or Resume Writing Packages), depending upon your needs. Contact us for a customized approach to your needs. 

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