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 Resume Bundle Packages

Perfect for Mid to Senior Level Professionals.

Ready to accelerate your job search?

Join other professionals that landed more interviews. 

Choose from our range of expertly crafted resume packages tailored to suit your unique needs.

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Note: These prices & package values only apply if purchased directly through our website and not if purchased through a third-party vendor.

Base Package
  • 4 interest free payments of $67.50 via Klarna
  • Resume – 3 Business Days
  • 30 Minute Phone Consultation
  • 2 Pages Max Resume
  • Resume in Word, PDF, and Text Files
  • Keyword Optimized for ATS
  • No Cookie-Cutter Template-Based Writing
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Follow Up Template
  • Learn More Here

$270.00Buy Now

Launch Package
$290.00 ($325.00 Value)

$290.00Buy Now

Starter Package
$320.00 ($445.00 Value)

$320.00Buy Now

Deluxe Package
$399.00 ($500.00 Value)

$399.00Buy Now

Premium Package
$499.00 ($650.00 Value)



$499.00Buy Now

Professional Package
$650.00 ($1,105.00 Value)

$650.00Buy Now

Job Search Kickstarter
$950.00 ($1,675.00 Value)

$950.00Buy Now

* If you would like to upgrade the LinkedIn Essential to either the LinkedIn Professional or LinkedIn Mastery packages, please contact us for more information at

At ClearPointHCO, we are not your typical resume company. We are career optimizers. Our close-knit team driven by a powerful mission to positively propel careers.  

Our 100% US-based writers are here to assist in crafting the perfect resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and more for you.

We understand the pivotal role your resume plays in your career journey. It’s the document that captures the attention of potential employers, showcasing your perfect fit for their open positions. A well-crafted resume can swing open doors and accelerate your career, while a poorly written one can close them just as swiftly.

Unlike larger, impersonal resume factories, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional results and personalized service. Our team of high-caliber writers ensures your resume is meticulously crafted to spotlight your skills, accomplishments, and unique value proposition.

But we’re more than just resume writers. We’re partners in your career success. When you choose ClearPointHCO, you’re not just receiving a resume – you’re investing in your future and directly supporting our team and their families.

Our personal touch and genuine commitment set us apart. We’re not a faceless corporation; we’re a community of professionals who value each interaction. Every purchase you make at ClearPointHCO reverberates positively through our community, propelling us to grow, thrive, and continue delivering top-notch services.

Your future success begins here with ClearPointHCO. Experience the advantage of personalized attention, genuine care, and the knowledge that your choice resonates in real lives. Join us in making a difference, one resume at a time. 

Candidates who choose to invest in a professionally written resume have reported:

Greater Visability

By utilizing ClearPointHCO’s services, job seekers experience a significant increase in visibility, leading to 2 to 3 times more interviews compared to those using self-written resumes.

Receive Job Offers Faster

Resumes rewritten by ClearPointHCO have demonstrated a remarkable 3-fold increase in the likelihood of candidates securing a new job compared to those who use self-written resumes.

Interview Guarantee

Guaranteed results with ClearPointHCO’s 60-day interview guarantee. Experience the confidence of getting more interviews, or we’ll rewrite your resume for free.

Part of the process includes: 

  • Access to an order management system. 
  • Client Intake Form to complete to provide direction to the writer on what you would like for the new resume. 
  • You and your resume expert will have a comprehensive phone consultation to delve into your career goals and enhance on the insights you provided through the online Client Intake Form.
  • To provide feedback to your writer on the draft(s) provided. 
  • 60-day interview guarantee
  • Job search tool to track your interviews, offers, and rejections. 


How does a professional written resume benefit you?

When you enlist the help of a resume writing service, you’re making an investment that leads to a faster job search and a more rewarding career. To achieve job search success, your resume must appeal to both resume scanning software (ATS) and hiring managers. Otherwise, your application risks being disregarded and lost in the “resume black hole.”

Furthermore, having a professionally written resume makes you significantly more valuable in the eyes of recruiters. In fact, candidates with professionally written resumes are perceived to be 7% more valuable compared to their self-written counterparts. By using a professionally written resume, you increase the likelihood of securing a position with a more substantial paycheck.

What are the qualifications of the ClearPointHCO's writers?

ClearPointHCO’s writers boast a diverse array of qualifications. Among them are certified career coaches, former and current hiring managers, HR professionals, recruiters, and specialists with extensive experience in over 65 industries. Each writer is carefully selected and vetted based on their ability to provide exceptional value to our clients, ensuring that we can match them with the perfect expert to meet their specific needs.

How does the resume process work?

After your purchase, we’ll set up your account in our portal, add the order(s), and send you the next steps. All correspondence with your writer takes place through our secure portal.  We have an intake process in place. This includes using your most recent version of your resume (if available) and a Client Intake Form for any additional relevant information. These will serve as reference points as we create your new resume.

We’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience and can’t wait to help you take your career to the next level.

Do you have any resume samples?

Absolutely! Check out our Resume Samples page for a some of our examples of formats that have been very successful.

Why should I choose your resume packages over cheaper alternatives?

Imagine this: You decide to save some money by purchasing a cheap resume service from one of our competitors. However, your excitement quickly turns to disappointment when, just two days later, you receive a hastily put-together document filled with typos, spelling errors, and font inconsistencies. To make matters worse, you realize that your new resume is nothing more than a rearranged version of your old one, sprinkled with meaningless fluff. Not only have you wasted money, but now you’re left with the daunting task of rewriting your entire resume on your own or, worse yet, paying for another service to fix the issues.

At ClearPointHCO, we understand the temptation of a bargain. However, when it comes to giving your resume a facelift, it’s crucial to consider the value you receive. Here’s why our resume packages are worth the investment:

  1. Quality and Professionalism: Our resume packages are crafted by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the job market and the elements that make a resume stand out.
  2. Tailored Approach: We take the time to understand your unique career goals, achievements, and aspirations. Our team of experts works closely with you to create a personalized resume that aligns with your target industry and showcases your strengths in the most compelling way possible.
  3. Time and Effort Saved: By choosing our resume packages, you save valuable time and effort. Our skilled writers handle the entire resume-writing process, from gathering information and strategizing to crafting the content and formatting the document. You can trust us to deliver a polished, professional resume, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your job search.
  4. Career Advancement: Investing in a professionally-crafted resume sets you apart from the competition and increases your chances of landing interviews and securing desirable job offers. Our resume packages are designed to enhance your marketability and position you as a top candidate in your field, helping you advance your career and achieve your professional goals.

Remember, when it comes to your resume, you truly get what you pay for. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, the value and long-term benefits of our resume packages far outweigh the initial cost. Give your career the attention it deserves by choosing ClearPointHCO’s resume packages – the investment will be worth it.

Do you have rush services available?

Absolutely! We do have rush services available if needed for the same day, 24 hours, and 48 hours for the first level- setting draft. Contact us via chat, call us at 800.596.8961, or send us an email via for more details.

Is it really worth it to invest in myself?

If you weigh the cost of the package against your potential salary, it makes logical sense to invest in securing assistance to land your new job.

As an example:

  • As a candidate, if you are unemployed, and find a job with a salary of $50,000.00, you’ve just made a $49,005 profit.
  • If you currently have a $60,000 position, and secure new job with a 5% salary increase, this program will have paid for itself 3x over in your first year alone.
  • If you land your new job 1 week faster, this package would have paid for itself 1.1x over in the first week.

A few blog posts that we have written on this:

Why Invest in Resume Writing Services?

Is Your DIY Resume Holding Your Job Search Back?

Do you write for my industry?

We have been successful in writing resumes in all types of industries. Check out our Industry Specialties page for more information.

Why should you choose us?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose ClearPointHCO

1.  We have written over 20,000 + resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

2.  Trusted by professionals that work at Fortune 500 companies from new graduates to C-Level.

3.  Repeat clients that trust us.

4.  We have experience in over 70+ industries.

5.  We have real world experience with the recruiting process and how applicant tracking systems (ATS) work.

6.  100% US-based expert resume writers and coaches.

7.  We specialize in helping you stand out from the competition.

8.  60-day interview guarantee.

9.  Direct contact with your writer and coach throughout the process.

10. Access to an order management system to help track your project(s).

Check out our FAQ for more information. Any questions, contact us via email at, chat, or call us at 1-800-596-8961. 

Industry Expertise

Explore the industries below to discover how our team of experts can elevate your resume to new heights. Leveraging years of experience in tailoring personalized resumes, we can make you stand out in any industry.

Here’s a few testimonials of what our clients have said about us:

Anaba is the best! He helped me craft my resume and I got my dream internship all thanks to him. Could not recommend enough.

Had my resume created and updated with Clearpoint. Since my resume was updated at the end of September, there’s been a steady amount of interest. Multiple good interviews resulted in an excellent job offer today.

I have recommended your service every chance I get. Thank you very much for the service you provide.

I highly recommend this company! Ann and Anaba are the most positive, kind, knowledgeable and helpful professionals to help you land the job of your dreams! They can help with resumes, cover letters, job search advice, profiles and how to interview etc! I now work for Apple thanks to both of them helping me gain my confidence back and help me with I listed above! Don’t wait! Call and make an appointment! You won’t be disappointed!

“Makes getting a new professional resume easy. I received calls from recruiters and companies soon after the resume was completed. Recommend individuals starting here first for the job search.”

Louis P.

“I landed the job! The new resume instantly had companies calling. The interview prep made my nerves disappear. I can’t thank you enough for your help!”

Julie P.
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