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Research Assistant Job Description

The following is a sample job description for a Research Assistant to reference when building your resume. Assess the qualifications and requirements listed to get an understanding of what you need to include on your resume for what employers expect in this field.


A Research Assistant works with the research team to help with data analysis and other tasks related to research. The Research Assistant will be responsible for supporting the Senior Research Scientist in their studies, as well as helping to manage projects.

This can include pulling data from different sources, cleaning up the data, and preparing it for use in analysis. Research Assistants may also conduct surveys or collect data from interviews or focus groups. They often have a background in statistics, although it is not required.

Research Assistants should have a strong attention to detail and be organized enough to be able to work independently without much supervision. They should also be able to communicate well with others in order to effectively collaborate on projects.

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  • Creating or updating spreadsheets or data sets that can be used by researchers
  • Collecting research from various sources, such as interviews or surveys
  • Assisting with the development of presentations or reports
  • May be in charge of gathering data via interviews, surveys, or other research methods
  • Provide administrative support to researchers by developing spreadsheets and databases to organize collected data
  • Identifying trends and patterns in data using advanced statistical methods


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • At least 2 years of experience working in a laboratory setting
  • Experience with common lab equipment such as centrifuges, pipettes, and microscopes
  • Ability to work independently and follow instructions
  • Ability to learn quickly and efficiently
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills (verbal and written)

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