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Job Search Strategy Session




Job Search Strategy Session

Searching for a job can be one of the most challenging, draining, overwhelming, and frustratingly high-stakes projects we undertake. You may be unsure of where to start, or how to move forward once you’ve started.

We offer a one – hour session to develop a customized approach to your needs.

What is covered in the one-hour session? 

We will cover the full landscape of the job search and all of the moving pieces from start to finish. You will have a new understanding of your unique situation and know exactly where to focus your job search efforts in order to get results quickly.

Upon completion, you will know how to efficiently and effectively use and, or leverage all your resources, including your time and energy toward securing a new position.

Some specific items that may be covered: 

    • Understand the importance of your social media
    • Review what you have enjoyed most about your previous roles
    • Set your career goals
    • Set the right market, and or company targets for your search
    • Know your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
    • Update Your social media, especially LinkedIn
    • Effective networking

And more. The key to success is following through on your plan.

This program may be helpful for individuals: 

    • Have only relied on job boards and job postings to find a new job.
    • Recently entered the job market and not sure how to go about looking for a job.
    • Need a review of their professional branding documents (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn) and how to communicate their story effectively.
    • Already used their network and hit a plateau of finding a new job.
    • Have begun their job search and need extra advice and tips to accelerate finding a new job.
    • Experiencing stress and anxiety looking for a new job and need support in the job search process.

Let’s get started today!!

After purchasing the session, a member of our team will be in contact with you to schedule your session with your coach.

Contact us for any questions that you have or a customized approach.


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