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Professional Customized Cover Letters


Maximize your job search success with our cover letter services. Elevate your professional profile with expertly crafted cover letters.


Professional Customized Cover Letter Services

A Customized Cover Letter helps to showcase why you are the best fit for the role and additional strengths that may not already be included in your resume. You can also use the cover letter to explain gaps of employment, career changes, and relocation. Picture yourself as the product you are trying to sell, and a cover letter as the brochure that gives the buyer a more information about the product – YOU!

While your resume may be somewhat generic, your cover letter helps to clarify the skill you have within your resume that you wish the hiring manager to focus on and understand, thus giving them a subconscious idea of where to focus when reviewing your resume. Having a clear and articulate Customized Cover Letter can propel you into the candidate pool from being screened out.

Here’s what you will need to get it started:

 For a standalone Customized Cover Letter (If we are not already working on your resume project), we will send an Information Gathering Questionnaire to complete, and we will ask for your most recent resume. Complete only the information not contained within your resume.

 We will need the job posting you are interested in, or the URL where we can find it.

*  Any particular information you particularly wish to highlight, please let us know.

Once we receive all the information, your first draft will be delivered in 3 business days or less (weekends/holidays are not included). We have rush services available. You have the opportunity to have 2 edits in 7 days, if needed, to make any finishing touches to the Customized Cover Letter.

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