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We will cover the full landscape of the job search and all of the moving pieces from start to finish. You will have a new understanding of your unique situation and know exactly where to focus your job search efforts in order to get results quickly.

What is covered in the one-hour session?

Upon completion, you will know how to efficiently and effectively use and, or leverage all your resources, including your time and energy toward securing a new position.

Some items that may be covered:

  • Understand the importance of your social media.
  • Review what you have enjoyed most about your previous roles.
  • Set your career goals.
  • Set the right market, and or company targets for your search.
  • Know your Unique Value Proposition (UVP).
  • Update Your social media, especially LinkedIn.
  • Effective networking.

And more. The key to success is following through on your plan.

This program may be helpful for individuals:

  • Have only relied on job boards and job postings to find a new job.
  • Recently entered the job market and not sure how to go about looking for a job.
  • Need a review of their professional branding documents (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn) and how to communicate their story effectively.
  • Already used their network and hit a plateau of finding a new job.
  • Have begun their job search and need extra advice and tips to accelerate finding a new job.
  • Experiencing stress and anxiety looking for a new job and need support in the job search process.
After purchasing the session, a member of our team will be in contact with you to schedule your session with your coach.

Contact us for any questions that you have or a customized approach.

Let’s get started today!!

Job Search Strategy Session

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