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At ClearPointHCO, we recognize your Human Capital assets play a critical and integral role in the success of your organization. We partner with you to create best-in-class HR solutions to enhance your company’s productivity. 

The following are a sampling of our solution-based offerings:

For your Employees:

  • Answers to routine HR questions and concerns
  • Review of daily HR practices
  • Assistance with employee relations issues
  • Coaching and counseling of managers and leaders
  • Virtual training seminars (when needed, these can also take place at your location)
  • Personalized leadership and professional development training
  • Simplify and communicate benefits and compensation information to your employees
  • Facilitate exit interviews and analyze data to identify why employees are leaving and if there are trends

For your Company:

  • Assistance with EEOC or other government charges
  • Reduce litigation by resolving many problems before they become lawsuits
  • Become your centralized point of contact for government agencies
  • Review and revise corporate policy manuals, handbooks, and other documentation
  • Partner with your leadership team on vision, organizational, and strategic planning
  • Conduct independent surveys to assess the “pulse” of your organization without bias
  • If you have an existing HR department, ensure they are operating as a strategic partner in your organization
  • Recruitment and staffing for all levels

As our client, you will be pleased with the quality of our work – we guarantee it!

We will save you time by creating an efficient Human Resources function that allows you to pursue the long-term goals of your organization.

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