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Difference Between A Leader Versus Manager?

In the workplace, there is often confusion between the roles of leader and manager. In this post, we’ll explore how they are similar and different.


Leadership is the ability to influence others, whereas management is about getting people to do more than they originally intended. Leadership involves leading through inspiration, motivation and vision. A leader can get people to take up a cause that they never knew existed or carry out a mission that would otherwise be impossible. When we speak of leaders we are referring to people who are inspirational—they can inspire others so much so that those following them will go above and beyond what was originally expected of them.

Leaders have the ability to motivate their teams by inspiring them through their words or actions. Leaders also have the vision necessary for motivating others because they see where an organization needs improvement or where it should go in terms of progress with its current projects/goals etcetera (if any). They are able to help other members see why these things need improving upon as well as how those improvements will impact everyone involved both long-term and short-term – this kind of vision cannot be achieved unless there exists some form of emotional connection between all parties involved (whether it comes from experience alone).


You are the manager of your business. You’re responsible for making sure that your employees are performing at their best and that they’re getting everything they need to succeed. This may sound daunting, but you can start by thinking about what a good manager does:

  • Managers have goals and objectives that they work toward every day
  • Managers monitor and evaluate the performance of their employees
  • Managers ensure that the productivity of their employees is high enough to meet the goals set by upper management
  • Managers ensure that profitability is up-to-date

Comparison of Manager versus Leader

Leaders inspire others to do more than they originally intended. They have the ability to raise the performance of their team, organization and even society at large. Leaders are focused on vision and inspiration—they set a vision for what can be accomplished, motivate people to pursue it, and inspire them to believe it is possible.

Managers are focused on results. They get things done by focusing on the details such as deadlines, budgets and timelines while being aware of opportunities that arise in order to meet those goals effectively.

Leaders build relationships with followers based on trust over time; managers develop authority over subordinates through formal processes like job descriptions or titles (e.g., manager).

The difference between a leader and a manager is the role they play in an organization. A leader is someone who inspires, motivates and empowers those around them to achieve more than they thought possible. A manager, on the other hand, doesn’t have this ability due to their more hands-off approach to leadership.

A manager often has power over others as well as responsibility for overseeing how work gets done within an organization or team. They are also responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly by ensuring tasks get completed and deadlines met in a timely manner. In contrast, leaders guide their teams through shared vision and values (which can sometimes include personal sacrifice).

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