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Career Designations for Event Professionals

The events industry is booming, and it’s easier than ever to find an opportunity to work in the field. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for years, there are plenty of ways for you to stay on top of your career and develop new skills. Once completing these programs successfully, list the designation on your resume and LinkedIn profile for hiring managers and recruiters to notice your level of expertise. Here are some of the certifications available for event professionals:

Certified Exhibition Management (CEM)

The Certified Exhibition Management (CEM) designation is the industry’s most prestigious accreditation. To earn this certification, you must pass a rigorous exam and meet a set of requirements. The CEM designation is given by the International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM), which is considered the international professional association for exhibition professionals.

There are many benefits to becoming certified as an exhibition professional, including:

  • Achieving a higher level of professionalism within your field;
  • Demonstrating your expertise to potential employers and clients; and
  • Increasing your income potential because you will be considered more valuable in the marketplace

Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP)

The Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) certification is a professional designation for meeting professionals who work with government agencies. The CGMP designation requires applicants to hold a minimum of three years’ experience in the industry, and it is good for five years.

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) is the premier designation for meeting professionals. It identifies industry experts who have attained a high level of knowledge and expertise through education and experience, as well as demonstrated professional accomplishments. The CMP certification process includes specific course work requirements to support your learning goals, an exam covering topics in the areas of operational excellence/meeting operations; facilities management/venue operations; marketing; finance/business development; leadership; technology integration; and sustainability.

Certified Meeting Manager (CMM)

The Certified Meeting Manager (CMM) designation is a professional accreditation for meeting professionals who specialize in the areas of event planning, management and operations. The CMM certification was developed by the Association of Meeting Professionals—a leading global association representing more than 6,000 members worldwide—to deliver advanced training to those preparing for advancement within their meetings industry career path.

The CMM exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions based on content outlined in the CMMI Manual. Those who pass will receive a certificate validating their achievement as Certified Meeting Managers.

Candidates must meet all three of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Hold or have held an industry-related position within an organization that engages in meetings or events;
  • Have at least five years’ experience working at or managing meetings and/or events;
  • Have completed 30 hours of approved continuing education courses related to meetings and/or events (in addition to completing education requirements from their undergraduate degree).

Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE)

The Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) certification is one of the most recognized certifications for food and beverage professionals. It’s an international certification that’s accepted by the International Association of Congress Centres (AIPC), as well as the International Convention and Visitors Bureaus (IACVB).

To become certified, you need to complete a series of exams covering areas such as menu development and management; wine service; event planning; hospitality management; kitchen design, equipment selection and layout; purchasing food products; budgeting skills; labor management issues faced by caterers working within an organization that serves food.

Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)

The Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation is a sought-after credential that indicates an event professional has achieved a high level of knowledge and expertise in their field. Specifically, the CSEP designation focuses on special events, which include corporate and association meetings; incentive travel programs; trade shows; conventions; special banquets for clients or employees; grand openings and grand closings; awards ceremonies; festivals and fairs—even weddings!

To earn your CSEP designation, you must meet academic requirements by completing two courses: ISES101 – Principles of Event Management and ISES103 – Facilities Management. You also need at least four years of work experience in the fields outlined above—and each year will count as one credit toward earning your certification. Once you’ve completed these requirements, submit your application with payment information (fee varies based on country). Once approved, you’ll receive official notification that states whether or not your application has been accepted. Then just wait for exciting news about when exactly you can attend an exam date near you!

Certified Wedding Specialist (CWS)

The Certified Wedding Specialist (CWS) certification is for wedding professionals who want to distinguish themselves as experts in the industry, show their commitment and dedication to their craft, and distinguish themselves from their peers. It is a way to differentiate yourself from others in the industry. The CWS exam covers all aspects of planning a wedding or event; this includes cultural traditions, etiquette, relationships with vendors, venue selection, budgeting and marketing strategies.

Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP)

This designation requires you to pass an online exam and demonstrate that you have knowledge of every aspect of the industry. You will also be required to submit a portfolio that shows your experience in projects and events, as well as proof of how many hours you’ve worked on them.

DMCPs are held in higher regard than CMPs because they require more education, testing, and demonstration of skills—which means they usually have several years more experience than CMPs.

Certified Management Executive (CDME) 

The Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) is the highest credential from the Destinations International. It has 4 courses and a written paper with a comprehensive exam.

Event professionals have a wide range of skills, knowledge, and experience. The career designation you choose will depend on your own interests and goals. If you’re interested in advancing your career as an event professional, it’s important to know what types of jobs are available before deciding on which designation is right for you.

If you need any assistance with navigating your career, contact us for a customized approach to your needs. 

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