Why do companies outsource Human Resource function?

Outsourcing your HR frees key personnel from the paperwork and complex issues of HR administration; this allows their employees to focus on their key roles and functions.

What types of companies use ClearPointHCO as a HRO organization?

A typical HRO client is a small to medium-sized business, with anywhere from 4 to over 100 employees, located     within one location, multiple location, or even different states.

Will outsourcing my companies HR needs create a co-employment situation with the HRO organization?  (HRO – Human Resource Outsourcing)?

No. ClearPointHCO will be operating as an agent and direction of your company.

Can my company outsource some HR function even if we have internal HR support?

Yes. ClearPointHCO supports our clients both as a sole HRO provider and in partnership and to supplement an existing internal HR team.

Will my company loose control of our HR function or our employees?

No! Absolutely not!  ClearPointHCO at all times while the partnership is in effect is subordinate to your company and will take discuss and take its directions from your company.  ClearPointHCO will provide advice and recommend actions, and will only proceed with such actions if agreed by the client and not before.

Why should my company outsource to ClearPointHCO?

As a business owner, outsourcing allows you to focus your time and energy on running your business, and not on “playing at being a human resource professional.  As your business grows, most small business owners don’t have the necessary training and experience in human resources, payroll and accounting, and regulatory compliance, as well as employee benefit understanding to meet the demands of being an employer as well as stay in compliance with a the constantly changing state and federal regulations to prevent, or reduce their exposure to fines, penalties and lawsuits.  ClearPointHCO has over 50 years of holistic HR experience.  We will take the burden off your company.

Can ClearPointHCO help with recruiting?

Yes. ClearPointHCO can help with posting jobs, tracking and testing applicants, and running background checks. We will also assist your company with firing, reviewing compensation packages, and aiding in on-going employee training.

What sort of access will my company’s leadership and employees have to ClearPointHCO?

You and your leaders will have 24/7 access to ClearPointHCO representatives via:

  • Toll free phone calls;
  • Emails
  • Cell phone
  • Text message
  • And when required and agreed to, direct on-site visitation.

Your employees will have the same access if you authorize it.

Is it more costly to outsource?

Outsourcing will cost considerably less. Consider that full-time, in-house HR employees could cost close to $60,000 to $100,000 a year, whereas outsourcing may cost $25 per employee per month, depending on the number of services needed. The cost is negotiable.   Remember, you have no overhead to worry about. You will have a substantial cost reduction by outsourcing.

Partner with ClearPointHCO today and reduce your cost dramatically while providing excellent service to your company.