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Best Job Boards for Non-Profit Professionals

Are you looking for where to search for jobs as a non-profit professional? We compiled a quick list of the best job boards to look for non-profit opportunities for you.


FoundationList is a national nonprofit job board. This website has all types of positions from part-time to full-time and entry level to executive.

FoundationList works with over 500 organizations around the country, including YMCA Daybreak Youth Development Centers and The Salvation Army Boys Town Center for Boys. The site also provides training opportunities for job seekers who are interested in becoming nonprofit employees or volunteers.

FoundationList is one of many sites that offer non-profit jobs online—including CareerBuilder (which has its own section on this list) and Indeed—but it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking for more options when searching for your next position!

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN)

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is the largest network of young professionals in the nonprofit sector. It offers a variety of programs and services for its members, including:

  • A scholarship program that provides scholarships to recent grads who want to work for nonprofits
  • An internship program that connects you with experienced professionals who can provide guidance on job placement and career development
  • Conferences where you can network with other young nonprofit professionals

Council on Foundations

Council on Foundations is a nonprofit job board for nonprofit positions. They offer free and premium membership options, as well as an extensive database of employers, including over 18,000 job seekers.

The site has over 2,500 employers from across the country who are looking for qualified applicants like you. If you’re looking for a full-time position with benefits or freelance work in your area of expertise, this site can help you connect with potential employers who might be interested in hiring someone like you.

Council of Nonprofits

The Council of Nonprofits is a national organization with over 25,000 members. It’s the largest nonprofit network in the country and has an extensive list of local resources and expertise.

The council provides a listing of job postings from across the nation, including nonprofits located in your area that are looking for people like you!


Devex is a global network that connects people and organizations to help solve development challenges. They have an extensive database of jobs, events and volunteer opportunities for individuals who want to get involved in the sector.

Devex also offers training programs for people who are interested in learning about the development sector or getting involved on their own terms.

Bridgespan Group

Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit organization that provides consulting to other nonprofits and philanthropists. They have a job board on their website in connection with Impact Opportunity (the program that connects job seekers with non-profit organizations), so you can find opportunities there if you’re interested in working for a nonprofit.

Nonprofit Career Network

The Nonprofit Career Network is a great place to start looking for a job. It’s an online resource that provides listings of jobs in the nonprofit sector, which includes charities and social services organizations. You can also use this site to apply for jobs directly from your computer screen or mobile device.


Idealist is a career site for nonprofit professionals. It’s also a nonprofit job board, with over 100K volunteer opportunities across all 50 states and Canada.

Idealist has many different sections on its site, including “recruitment” and “volunteer management.” The recruitment section allows you to find volunteer opportunities worldwide through Idealist’s network of nonprofits as well as search each organization individually via their website.

Work For Good

Work For Good is a nonprofit job board for nonprofit and non-profit positions. It’s also the best place to find jobs that match your interests and skills in fields ranging from education, health care and public policy to development and social services.

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