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Best Job Boards for Environmental Professionals

Looking for a new job? Then look no further than these top sites dedicated to environmental professionals.

Climate Base

Climate Base is a website that helps you find jobs in the environmental industry. You can browse through their list of job opportunities, and then apply for the ones that interest you most.

Climatebase offers both full-time and part-time positions at different levels of responsibility, including entry level positions as well as executive level posts. The company also maintains an active community where members share information on new jobs and share tips on how to get ahead at your next employer!

Conservation Job Board

If you’re looking for a job in conservation, this is the place to be. The Conservation Job Board is an online platform that allows individuals to search through thousands of jobs in the industry. You can also create a profile and submit your resume if you have one ready-made.

The site has been around since 2014 and has grown considerably since then with more than 60,000 hits monthly from visitors interested in working with environmental organizations or on related projects. In addition, they offer training opportunities such as workshops or webinars that may help guide new employees through their first few weeks at their new company (and will hopefully keep them motivated).


EHSCareers is a job board for environmental careers. The site has more than 1,000 job listings, making it one of the largest in this category. As with other career sites, you can search by location and industry type; however, EHSCareers also offers a variety of other filters that allow you to narrow down your search criteria even further.

EHSCareers attracts resumes from both job seekers as well as employers looking for candidates with particular skill sets or backgrounds (e.g., “environmental science”). This makes it easy for employers like yours who are seeking professionals in their field but aren’t sure where to start looking at what kind of jobs might be available out there right now—or if those types of positions exist at all!

GreenCitizen Job Board

GreenCitizen Job Board is a great place to find environmental jobs. This job board is designed to help you find green jobs, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in working in the environmental field.

There are many different pages on this site where you can find listings for available positions, including “Green” or “Environmental” categories. You’ll also find information about current openings at companies like Google and Tesla Motors; these listings will give potential employees valuable insight into what it’s like working at these companies before they even apply!

Green Jobs Board

Green Jobs Board is a job board for green jobs, environmental careers and sustainable careers. Green Jobs Board provides an easy way to find the best jobs in the green industry by filtering your search by location, job type and industry. Green Jobs Board offers you access to over 5 million unique visitors each month who are looking for green jobs or careers like you!


Idealist is a job board for environmental professionals. It features jobs in the environmental field, including:

  • Environmental policy and advocacy
  • Environmental planning, design and construction (PDC)
  • Environmental engineering and consulting


Indeed is a great source for job seekers. With over 500,000 jobs available daily in more than 200 countries, it’s easy to find the right position at the right time. You can search by location or industry and then refine your search based on salary range and company size.

If you’re looking for an environmental job or any other type of career path that requires skills related to sustainability and conservation, Indeed has plenty of opportunities available!


Ihireenvironmental is a job board for environmental professionals. It’s great for finding jobs in the environmental field, whether you’re looking to move into an existing position or start your own business.

Ihireenvironmental has plenty of opportunities from federal agencies like the EPA and USDA, local governments (including state parks), non-profit organizations and more. If you’re interested in working with animals or plants then there are also many positions available at zoos and aquariums which can be found through this website.


Joblist is a job board for the environmental sector and offers opportunities to find jobs in the US.

Joblist has more than 20,000 companies listed on the site, including all types of industries. The site also includes an extensive database of jobs that are available all over the world, so you can easily find what you’re looking for no matter where you live or work.

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