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Best Job Boards for Engineering Professionals

Are you looking for where to search for jobs as an engineering professional? We compiled a quick list of the best job boards to look for engineering opportunities for you.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional association for mechanical engineers. The ASME website has a job board with many jobs listed, including engineering and technical positions in industry, academia and government.

The organization also offers members access to its blog on “Mechanical Engineering News,” as well as newsletters covering industry news; career resources; and other valuable information.


CareerBuilder is a leading job board for engineering professionals. It offers many opportunities to find jobs and has a large number of openings.

  • Job listings can be filtered by location, industry or search term.
  • One of the best features of CareerBuilder is its ability to create custom searches based on your preferences, such as keywords or keywords plus location (e.g., “engineer”).


Dice is a job board that helps engineers find engineering jobs. It’s also a great place to find careers in the field or internships, as well as other areas that might interest you.

Dice’s website has all kinds of information about what jobs are available and which companies hire engineers. You can use Dice’s career tool to search for positions by industry and location, then filter results by salary range and experience level (if necessary).


EngineerJobs is a job board for engineering jobs. EngineerJobs has an extensive database of engineering jobs and companies, which allows you to quickly find the right position for you. They also provide helpful tips and resources on how to get hired as an engineer or enter into the workforce in general.


Glassdoor is a job site that helps people find jobs and get their foot in the door. It’s also a great resource for engineering professionals, who can search through thousands of open positions at companies across the country.

Glassdoor has an entire section dedicated to engineering jobs, including openings at top firms such as Google and Uber. If you’re interested in working on big projects like building autonomous cars or designing new products using artificial intelligence technologies, Glassdoor has plenty of opportunities listed here!


Ihireengineering is a great place to find engineering jobs, internships and more. The site has an extensive database of companies hiring for engineers, as well as thousands of job openings in the area you live in. You can also search by company name or industry type (e.g., aerospace) so that you can easily find what interests you most!


Jobs2Careers is a great place to find job listings. It has a large database of career advice and tips, as well as hundreds of thousands of engineering job descriptions. This can be useful if you’re looking for something specific in the field or just want a broad overview of what’s out there right now.

Some other things worth mentioning about this site:

  • There are no registration requirements or fees associated with using Jobs2Careers; all they ask is that you provide them with some basic information so they can keep track of your activity on their site (like how many times you’ve visited). You’ll also notice that there aren’t any ads displayed anywhere throughout the site—this helps ensure that visitors don’t feel like they’re being interrupted by pop-up windows while browsing around!


LinkedIn is a great place to find a job for engineering professionals and engineering students. If you’re looking for jobs in the field of engineering, this is the best place to start your search.

LinkedIn has over 5 million members who use it as a networking tool and as an opportunity to share their skills with potential employers. You can also use advanced search features on LinkedIn’s search engine so that you can find specific types of jobs or companies (e.g., “engineering jobs”).


Monster is a great place to find jobs for engineering professionals. It also has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking to apply online.

Monster’s search engine makes it easy to browse job listings by category and location, so there’s no need to go through dozens of pages before finding the one that interests you most. If you want clarification on what kind of experience employers are looking for in their next hire, Monster provides detailed descriptions of each position available at any given time (including hours worked per week). 

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