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Best Job Boards for Cruise Ship Professionals

Looking for cruise ship jobs? Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent job, here is a list of the best job boards for cruise ship professionals.


AllThingsCruise is a job board for cruise professionals and those interested in joining the industry. The site offers a full range of employment opportunities, including positions on cruise ships, as well as onshore jobs.

AllThingsCruise is an excellent resource for anyone looking to work as a cruise ship professional or even just gain more knowledge about this exciting industry!


AllCruiseJobs is a great place to find a job on a cruise ship. It’s an online resource that has all kinds of information about cruise jobs, including salary ranges and benefits packages. They also have forums where you can ask questions about working on ships before applying for them.

The website itself is easy to navigate—you’ll find everything from job descriptions to advice on how to get started as an applicant in this section—and the site offers many ways for you to search through different careers: by employer name or industry; by location; etcetera…


CruiseJobFinder is a cruise ship job board for professionals, college students and recent graduates looking to get on board. The site features job listings from many of the world’s largest cruise lines, including Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., as well as smaller companies like Celebrity Cruises International Ltd. and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Inc..

The site also offers services such as resume posting, application assistance and other resources to help you find your dream position on one of these ships!


Jobs2Careers is a great place to find a job in the cruise industry. You’ll have access to thousands of open positions, including those for cruise ship professionals and technical support personnel.

Jobs2Careers is the only resource dedicated exclusively to the needs of cruise ship professionals. The site features an extensive database of opportunities at major companies like Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Celebrity Cruises Inc., Holland America Line Holdings (HAL), Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings AS and Princess Cruises Inc..


Indeed is a search engine for jobs and careers. It’s a great place to look for jobs, but it’s also useful if you have an existing job and want to see what new opportunities are available.

Indeed has a great reputation among employers as well as job seekers because they’ve been around since 1996, growing their user base every day!


CruiseShipJobs is a job board for cruise ship professionals. It’s a great place to find a job, and it’s also home to an active community of cruise ship professionals.

CruiseShipJobs offers access to thousands of open positions on every cruise line in the world! You can search by title or location, and you’ll be able to filter results by industry type (cruise lines), experience level (minimum 3 years), specialty area or function type (captain/stewardess).

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